Our quality promise

A label for excellent wine

Today, the Winegrowers' Association of Deidesheim has a young, innovative board of directors and supervisory body behind it. The main focus is optimising wine quality and treating the environment and nature with the greatest of respect, as the quality of the wine always starts in the vineyard.

Our members are passionate about winegrowing and have built up their expert knowledge of the soil and making wine over many generations.

The result is the healthy, top-quality grapes which form the basis of our wines. Thanks to modern cellar technology, a qualified and deeply committed cellar team and finely-tuned operating procedures, our wines are superior and expressive.

The Deidesheim Winegrowers' Association has set itself high quality standards, in line with Deidesheim's reputation as a winegrowing region and in order to keep its promises. Our quality philosophy and guiding principle is:


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