Tradition & History

How it all began

In Deidesheim, a more than two thousand year-old tradition has sprung from the excellent local conditions for wine production. At around the turn of the 20th century, however, the small wine-growers of Deidesheim were in crisis. Due to crop failures and a reliance on the sale of their must production, many of them were deep in debt.

On 16 September 1898, he and 45 other wine-makers created the Pfalz’s first "Autumn cooperative". The very next year, its members started work on cellar and wine-press building on Prinz-Rupprecht-Straße, which is still our home today.

Johannes Mungenast, our founding father, realised that only by coming together as a winegrowing association could this difficult situation be overcome.

As the Pfalz’s oldest wine-making association, we look back proudly on 120 years of winegrowing tradition.

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