Riesling represents German wine culture like no other grape – it's cultivated in Germany on an area of over 21,000 hectares. It makes high demands on the vineyard locations as it ripens very late in the year. The most important characteristic of this wine is its fruity acidity; even small variations in the composition of the soil and micro-climate are able to affect the finished wines' aromas. The dry soils consisting of mottled weathered sandstone produce very aromatic Riesling wines that are often reminiscent of apricots. Citrus and flint aromas dominate in wines grown on mineral-rich soils.

Our Riesling wines possess a wide spectrum of flavours. Besides uncomplicated wines for everyday use, you'll also find a rich selection of Prädikatsweine (superior quality wines) of all quality categories.

The natural acidity of Riesling wines means that they are potentially great for making outstanding sparkling wines.

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