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The Pfalz, with more than 2000 years of wine-producing tradition, is one of the warmest growing areas in Germany with more than 1800 hours of sunshine a year, unique consistency of conditions for 85 km along Germany's oldest wine route (Deutsche Weinstraße, or German wine road), this is Germany's second-largest winegrowing area with 23,400 ha featuring 25 collective growing areas, 325 individual vineyards ... and


with around 5455 hectares given over to the "King of white wine"!

However, the Pfalz is also known for its reds. Almost 40% of the vineyard area is cultivated with red grape varieties. This makes the Pfalz Germany's largest red wine area.

Deidesheim – a Riesling stronghold in the heart of the sunny Mittelhaardt region


The vineyards around Deidesheim are sheltered from low night temperatures by the Pfalz Forest to the West. The soils are predominantly of weathered red sandstone, which feature quantities of loam, scree, limestone or clay in different places. These soil types are highly water permeable and ensure that the roots of the vines are kept dry. This allows the surrounding layer of soil to warm up more and for longer and it forces the vines to throw their roots deeper to find water. This promotes the absorption of minerals and the result is our distinctive local wines.

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